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Ultralast BATT-28443 BATT-28443 Rechargeable Replacement Battery

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$9.99 - $9.99
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• 2.4V ;• NiMH ;• Long-lasting ;• 450mAh ;• Rechargeable ;• Comparable to Lenmar(R) CBZ300V;• Compatible with VTech(R) LS6115, VTech(R) LS6115-2, VTech(R) LS6117, VTech(R) LS6125, VTech(R) LS6125-2, VTech(R) LS6125-3, VTech(R) LS6125-4, VTech(R) LS6126, VTech(R) LS6126-5, VTech(R) LS6205, VTech(R) LS6217, VTech(R) LS6225, VTech(R) LS6225-2, VTech(R) LS6225-3, VTech(R) vt18443 Empire(TM) CPH-518D, VTech(R) 89-1337-00, VTech(R) 89-1337-00-00, VTech(R) BT-18443, VTech(R) BT-28443 & VTech(R) BT18443;
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